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    Here at the Octogon Group we believe that good web hosting should be for everybody. This is why we've made it our priority to bring you the best web hosting space possible for the least amount of money possible. How can we do this? Simple, we don't charge you for things you shouldn't be charged for to begin with. Too many places out there charge extra for things that are either very affordable or down right free. Like MySQL for example. It's one of the best and most used online databases out there, yet it's free. Most places take advantage of people who don't know this and charge them extra for it. I can guarantee you that if I charge you extra for any services, it's because they take more power from the servers.

    Here at The Octogon Group we also believe in personal service. This is why when you need help; you will be treated like a person and not a number. We want to make sure that you are happy with your hosting and we will work hard to make sure it happens. This is also why we are more than pleased to work with you to develop a service plan that best suits your needs. Lets face it, everyone has different needs and we don't see why anyone should have to deal with what is offered. Some people need more Bandwith and some people need more space. This is why if you don't see any plans that really fit; we encourage you to please contact us so that we can make a plan just for you.

    As mentioned in the beginning of this letter, we believe that GOOD affordable webhosting should be for everyone. GOOD is a very important word. Too many companies out there just offer cheap services, however they don't really let you know that they are also using cheap servers. Here at the Octogon Group we use Linux servers powered by Apache. Why? We do it for two reasons, affordability and reliability. Our servers are also connected to OC12 lines instead of OC3 like many servers out there. This means that your website will be able take a lot more hits without slowing down. File access such as uploading and downloading will also benefit. The Servers are also kept in a climate controlled Datacenter to keep them cool. To also help prevent overheating, we are totally against cramming the servers. Too many places squeeze as many accounts as possible into one system. We believe the servers, just like any other PC, work best when not handling too many processes at once.

We hope that you take a look at what we have to offer and if you don't find what you need, we hope that you contact us so that we can try our best to help you.


David A Rosseter - The Octogon Group


Like most sites on the web, this one is still under construction.





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